Top best 4 abs exercise for women

Top best 4 abs exercise for women: In this article, I’ll tell you how to show your abs within few days without more hard work and without going to the gym.

1. Bicycle crunch: To make abs, it is a very good exercise. To do this exercise, you must first lie down on the ground. You can use any mat to lie and lie first on the mat  and then Put both hands behind your head, then fold one leg upwards and let the other leg stays straight and the feet that move towards the side of the face stand upwards towards the side and Bring your hand towards that leg, straighten the feet of the feet that were made, and fold the other leg upwards then bring the upper part to that leg, it will make your abs and the companion side Cut of your body. Do this exercises for 1 month continuously, 1 month later you will see a very good difference in your body.

2. V crunch: It’s also a very good exercise to make the abs. To do this exercise you will have to lie on the ground first and you can use any mat to lie. After lying, first of all, put both of your hands at 90 Degree angle of your body, then bring both legs on top 90 degrees angle, then touch both hands on both feet, hands and feet, the project should be together, that means both hands and feet should come together at the top of the side as you see in the picture, empty this movement once a day. Exercise with fewer reps at the beginning, then gradually if you have pain in the stomach or waist while exercising this exercise, then leave this exercise,  if you do this exercise continuously for one month then your top and lower part of abs will be seen.

3. Hip raise: To do all the exercise of the abs, you will have to lay down on the ground. In this exercise first, you should lie on the ground so that you can also use a mat. After lying on the mat, you can straighten both of your hands. After that, turn your feet’s to a 45-degree angle, then lift your hips upwards.The hips should be raised in such a way that the lower part of the knee and part of the hip on the knee should be at the angle of 90 degrees., remember one thing and keep your waist straight while doing this exercise, when your waist is raised upwards, then be absolutely straight, do not let your head move like Sir, on your mat Let it be kept like this. Just lift the hip and take it down. Do this process repeatedly as I had told in the previous exercise that the whole of the abs exercises should be on empty stomach and then this exercise is also doing on empty stomach. This is a very good exercise. By doing this exercise, your abs start showing very soon.

4. Ab tuck: This is also a very good exercise to make the abs. To do this exercise, you will need a gym ball. Now keep your legs above this gym ball, put both feet on top of the ball like you did when you Push ups, put both your hands on the ground and keep this in mind, it should be a 90-degree angle between hands and body, after which pulls the ball from the feet to the stomach. You should turn your knees on time and then push the ball back and forth again. Then your legs should be straight again. Make this process 10 to 15 times. Keep empty your stomach while doing this exercise. Keep in mind that your body and ball should be balanced. Your feet should not slip through the ball. If you do this exercise properly then your abs will start appearing in a few days.

5. Abdominal crunches: This exercise is very good for developing your upper abs. To do this exercise, you have to lie down on the ground for that you can use the mat. After lying on the mat, put both of your hands behind the head and move your leg on 45 degree angle, after folding the legs on a 45 degree angle, you will keep your feet steady, move only the upper part of your body and move your upper body Raise, the part of the upper side move in the direction of your knee. Then take the upper part of your body down again. This movement should be done according to the capacitance of your body, initially, add 10 to 15 reps, then gradually Raise the raps and put three or four sets of all the exercise and then gradually increase the set. By doing this exercise, your upper abs will be seen. If you do this exercise for 2 months continuously, it will reduce your fat and your abs will start showing. Remember this exercise must also be the empty stomach.

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