Top 7 haunted places in India-Nobody wants to go to these places

Top 7 haunted places in India-Nobody wants to go to these places: In our country, there are many places which are known to be haunted by spooks and other supernatural theories. There is no any full proof reason for their existence but there are just stories behind them. In this article, I will tell about some of the haunted places in India.

1. Bhangarh fort: This fort is situated in Rajasthan. This fort is at the top of the list of haunted places. This fort is more famous in colloquial as “Bhooton ka Bhangarh”. It is believed that Bhangarh was a prosperous state for 300 years. Once, a Maharatar tantrik Sindhu Sevda obsessed black magic on the princess. He tries to subdue the princess but he himself gets killed. Before dying he cursed Bhangarh for its waste. Incidentally, Bhangarh becomes desolate along with the princess in the battle of Azadgarh. After its desolation, it was believed that the Spook of these people kept haunting Bhangarh.Image by Shutterstock via [source link] (copyright-free)

2. Barog Tunnel no. 33: This tunnel is in Kalka, Shimla. The tunnel was named after the British constructor who was responsible for designing the tunnel. He started digging the tunnel from both ends but due to a mistake in his calculation both ends did not meet and he was fined 1 rupee. Due to the intense humiliation he committed suicide and was buried near his half-constructed tunnel. Construction of tunnel was again started in the year 1900 and was completed in the year 1903.Image credit:

3. The Shaniwar Wada fort: This fort is located in Pune, Maharashtra. This fort is known for its grandeur and historicity. This fort was ruled by 18-year-old Peshwa  Narayan Rav. He was the youngest 5 Peshwa of the fort. On the midnight of 30 August 1773, a conspiracy was made to kill him. He ran in the corridor shouting “kaka mala viva” (uncle save me). But he was killed on the way. It is said that his spirit is still haunting the fort and the last word spoken by him is still heard around.

4. Dow hill in Kurseong: This is a hill station located in Darjeeling. It is also pronounced as “Kharsang.” It is in West Bengal. It is a very beautiful, peaceful and pleasant holiday spot. But Dow Hill of kuresong is dangerous. It is believed that the ghosts reside in the Victoria boys high school. The number of people was murdered in the Dow hill forest. This forest is near the school. So many a times whispering, footsteps, a scary sensation is heard. There is also a horrifying story related to the headless boy. The road between Dow hill and the Forest office is known as the Death road. Some woodcutters reported the presence of the headless boy in the forest. He appeared in front of them and then disappears in the woods. People also have seen women with the grey cloth. Due to the scary and uncanny feelings, many people have committed suicide.Image credit:

5. Agrasen ki Baoli: This place is near Connaught place in New Delhi. It was named after the well which was known as “Bavri” which is 15-18 m wide. Agrasen ki baoli was named after this well. During Mahabharata times, King Agrasen built this place. According to the story, the well was filled with magical black water which hypnotized the people and they committed the suicide. The Bavri after then is dry and only fills in monsoon season. Scary noises, uncanny feelings etc. are heard during nights. In the morning many people come to visit this place.

6. Towers of silence: It is a Parsi cemetery located in Mumbai. Parsi’s buried the dead bodies here because they don’t burn the dead body. The dead bodies are left for the birds’ eagles etc. A spirit of a very beautiful girl seems to haunt this place. This girl asks a lift with the people and after that what happens is unknown. A Parsi family who died in the accident also haunts this place.
During night times many noises are heard. If people pass through that place it feels like someone is following them.Image credit:

7. Taj Mahal Palace hotel: This hotel is located in Mumbai. This hotel was designed by W.A. Chambers. But he was not satisfied with the design. When he returned back from France he found that the hotel was not designed properly and after that, he became very tense. So he committed suicide. Staffs of that hotel say that they have heard cries of chambers. But that spirit has never harmed anyone.

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