Top 5 YouTube stars of 2017

Top 5 YouTube stars of 2017: Youtube, nowadays, has got high rated stars. It is an application which comprises of videos. It is an American video-sharing app. Its headquarter is in California. It was founded in the year 14 February 2005. Its content includes TV shows, music videos, movie trailers, documentary films, food recipes, funny videos, educational videos, life hacks, etc. If we keep on subscribing channels we get much new information. It is also helpful to learn many things like our school lessons, dance, recipes etc.
In this article I will tell about some of the best Indian YouTuber’s and their channels:

1. Nisha Madhulika: She is a famous youtube star of Noida who began her channel in the year 2011. She uploads varieties of food recipes with very easy ingredients which are easily available in the market or at home. Her videos are made with English subtitles also because of which different states of people can easily understand her. She is very dedicated towards her work. Her total view till today is 236 million. She has uploaded more than 1000 vegetarian recipe videos. She has 2 million subscribers. Name of her channel is Nishamadhulika.comImage credit:

2. Bhuvan Bam: He is one of the high rated stars on youtube. He uploads funny videos. He is the comedian, singer and you tuber. He is from Delhi. Before he worked on web series like Tech with Naveen, Happii Fi, and viral fever. He makes his videos himself using front camera of his phone. He does not make very long duration videos. His topics include parents, teachers, schools, girlfriend, valentine days, relatives, neighbors, and exams etc. He has won web TV Asia award 2016. He was the main contributor of YOUTUBE CREATOR SUMMIT OF 2017 in which India won this award. The different characters of his channel are Famer Fuddi, Tittu Mama, and much more. All these characters are played by him only. He has 3.5 million subscribers. The name of his channel is BB ki vines.Image credit:

3. Sandeep Maheshwari: He is a famous Indian entrepreneur and a writer. He is also a motivational, inspirational speaker which motivates and changes others life. He is known for his ‘ Free Motivational Life Changing Seminar’ which inspires today’s youngsters. He is CEO and founder of He is also a guide, a mentor, a youth icon and a role model for millions of people. He is well-respected. He is a dropped out student from his college. He also created the world record in fashion photography which was published in Limca book of 2004. He was awarded Young creative entrepreneur award by the British Council, Pioneer of Tomorrow award by ET NOW. Some of his books are- overcoming fear and anger, a power of focus for students, etc. He uploads videos like Dr. Quantum, inspirational biographies etc. He has 2.4 million subscribers. Name of his channel is Sandeep Maheshwari.Image credit:

4. Varun Pruthi: He is very famous you tuber. He is an actor, dancer, and you tuber. He is trained in acting from Hollywood California. He is very dedicated to humanity. He uploads heart touching videos and also helps poor people who are mostly street vendors disable people old age, people. He has 10,00,000 subscribers. Name of his channel is actor Varun Pruthi.Image credit:

5. Technical Guruji: He is very famous you tuber. He is the owner of his channel is Gaurav Chaudhary. He has the fastest growing technical channel of India. He is a topper of Rajasthan technical university and his channel is recognized as Indian Tech YouTube Channel. He daily uploads 1-2 videos. He uploads Hindi tutorial videos of electronic products and technologies, technical videos of smartphones. He has 2.1 million subscribers.
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