Top 5 exercise to tone your thighs and butt

Top 5 exercise to tone your thighs and butt: It is very important to stay fit in today’s generation. Everyone wants a perfect body figure to look good. Sometimes, some people are healthy but their body figure is not perfect. There are many exercises for them that can give your body a perfect figure, which will make you look more beautiful and attractive. Generally, all the women want a perfect and attractive figure to look good. Some people go to the gym and some people exercised at home. In this article, I’ll tell you Top 5 exercise to tone your thighs and butt, this exercises can be done at home or at the gym.

1. Squats: Squats is very easy and effective exercise for hips and things. This exercise helps to increase the hips, thighs, strength of legs and quadriceps. This exercise can be also done using weight. While using weights power cage must be used to avoid injury. If you will squatting continuously for 4-5 months with or without additional weight it will give you the surprising result. Your butt (hips) and thighs getting bigger. This exercise is best to stay fit and get the perfect figure.
Method: First you stand by keeping your back straight. Do not loosen your body during the exercise. Now keep your hand straight equal to your shoulder, then bend your keens and low down your hips and make a 90-degree angle equal to the knee. Then stand straight and go back in neutral position. Do this step 10-15 times daily for 1 month. If you will do this exercise 4-5 month regular you will get the best result. One thing always remember do not bend or curve your spine.

2. Standing Leg lifts: This exercise is very effective for bigger hips and this can be easily done at home or at the gym. There is not much effort required to do this.Method:
a) There are three different ways to do leg lifts for bigger hips. Stand straight with your foot in forwarding direction. Keep your hand on your waist. Now lift your right leg to your right side. Extend your leg as you are kicking it off. Now lift your left leg and extend it out. Raise your leg as high as you can. Lift and bring your leg back. Repeat this 7-9 times.

b) Second leg lift is by laying on the floor. Lay on the floor from your shoulder side. Fold one leg and keep the second leg straight above it. If your left leg is folded then your left elbow should support the ground. Now lift your right leg 3-4 times. Repeat this with your left leg.

3. Fire hydrant moves: It is the best exercise to increases the hips and thighs. It can be easily performed. Method: First bend down on your knees and hands like a table on the ground. Now lift your left leg up and make the 90-degree angle and come back down. Now do this same process with another side. Extend your right leg up then down by 90-degree angle. Do not stretch your leg. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times. It will give you best result as soon as possible.

4. Crab walk: This exercise is very easy and effective to increase the hips and thighs. This exercise is done at the gym and at home. This exercise increases the butty muscles and thighs muscles. It tightens the thigh and hip muscles.
Method: Crab walk can be done in two ways.
Firstly, you stand straight with your feet. Now half sit on your knees and keep your back straight and your hand must be joined at front. Now in that position move from left to right and then from right to left. Continue this exercise for 4-6 times per day for 1 month.

Secondly, lay straight on the ground with your legs and hand parallel to each other.
Now fold your leg and sit with your knees folded. Now keep your hands back and straighten it. Now push and raise your chest part and abdomen part upward. Try to move left and right direction. Do this process for 7-8 secs then come back on the floor. While doing this exercise try to keep your back and hip muscles straight.

5. Hip raise: Hip raise is the best exercise to provide tighten thighs and hips muscles. It also provides straighten to muscles.

Method: First lay down straight on the floor then half fold your knee. Now keep your hands straight just beside your hips. Then apply force on your shoulder and neck, and raise your back and hip upward. Wait there for 15-18 sec then come back to normal position. Do this exercise 6 set at one time. You will get the better result as soon as possible.

Note: For all exercise, your pose of the body should be correct according to the exercise.

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