Top 5 best voice recording app like a studio for android

Top 5 best voice recording app like a studio for android: If anyone wants to sing in a professional voice then you are at right place.There are 5 types of singing apps, all are amazing.

1.AutoRap by Smule: This app is an another part of the Smule app.In this app you can do something different,you can do Rap,If you are not a professional rapper than there is no worry, here is a one mode that is rape mode, you can use this mode to correct your rap after that you can share your Rap with your friends and social networking sites and you can get good followers.Features:

1.  You can share your Rap with your friends, family, and social networking sites.

2.  In this app you have an option of rap mode, you can correct your rap easily.

3.   You can fight with other Rappers.

4.  This app offers one song that is ALWAYS FREE – “Turkey Burgers”.

5.  There is a one more important option that is talk mode.

6.  It allows you to earn Plays for free.

7.  In this app, there is a catalog of many songs and many beats, you have many options to record your voice.

2.Karaoke online-Sing and Record: This is the another app Karaoke Online for the record your voice professionally.Here you can also share your audio and video recording with friends, family and social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.This app provides to you audio and video filters to make a professional audio recording and video recording.Features:

1.  There is a new feature from the other apps that talks to search.

2.  You can record your voice with good and high quality.

3.  You can sing your favorite songs.

4.  You can record your video with voice recording.

5.  You can do fun with your friends if you have a Bluetooth speaker.

6.  You can share your audio and video recording with your friends.

7.  This app supports Android 4.0.3 and up.

3.Record your music, sing! Nana: If you sing like a professional and want to make beats then nana app is best for you. In this app there is no matter you are a beginner or professional, Nana provides a platform where anyone can join and you can connect with millions of music lovers just like yourself. You can show off your talents, be discovered and create your own fan base. Features:

1. Record your voice with the simplest way.

2. There are also various voice effects like other apps Smule, sing karaoke.

3. In this app, you can use additional effects like Echo, monster, chorus etc.

4. You can Mimic the voice of other famous singers.

5. You can also overdub & collaborate with others to layer music.

6. You can filter your voice easily.

7. You can record your voice and save your important songs or lyrics.

8. You can share your recording to social networking sites, family and friends.

4.Sing Play-Karaoke: Singplay is another amazing app to record your voice like a studio record. Here you can Sing and create your own unique recordings with your favorite songs and share them with in all over the world.

It’s so easy to get started. There’s no need to download any other tracks or stream music from YouTube and other sites. SingPlay automatically converts the music on your smartphone into Karaoke tracks.There are no MIDI sounds.Features:

1. You can add lyrics to your music if lyrics are not seen.

2. In this app, you can control your Pitch (+/- 4 semitones).

3. Fast Forward or Rewind feature is available.

4.  You can control Tempo (+/- 4 steps).

5.  You can use echo effect in your recording.

6.  No internet connection necessary.

7.  Separate volume controls for Music, Vocal, and Reverb.

8.  It reduces maximum background noise.

It supported Smartphones with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above (including 4.4 KitKat) and also Supported Audio Format: .mp3, .aac, .m4a (AAC), .wav, .flac, .ogg ;Output: .mp4 (AAC), .mp3.

5.Smule: It is an amazing app to record your voice just like a studio record. It is an American mobile app developer headquartered in San Francisco.Here you can Find your favorite song and Sing using many effects of audio and many filters for videos.You have a choice of thousands of songs, record your quality video and share them with the 50M+ musically related community.Features:

1. There are many amazing audio effects just like a studio.

2. After your singing, you can edit your pitch and also your reverb to get good feedback.

3. You can sing new and old songs with music and lyrics.

4. You can upload your audio and video recording in public and you can also like and comment on other person audio and videos.

5. You can also Sing Duet songs with the other singers.

6. There are many video filters for making a professional video, filters like Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Fight Club.

7. Smule added new songs every day and here you have options which type of music you have to like.

8. You can Connect your Facebook account with Smule to do Chat with other singers.