Top 4 things to boost your immune system

Top 4 things to boost your immune system: To lead a healthy life we need a healthy body and a healthy body is maintained by a strong immune system. There are trillions of bacteria, allergens, parasites, and viruses in our surroundings which are responsible for different diseases. To cope with this disease strong immune system is very important. In some people, due to weak immune system, they get sick very fast and also it becomes chronic. In one way, the immune system is a natural defense system in our body. It is made up of antibodies, proteins, lymph nodes, spleen and bone marrow to help fight infections. Immune system diseases are allergic diseases such as asthma (explained in my
previous article under health), eczema etc. The immune system also depends on our way of living, balanced diet, daily routine etc. In this article, i will tell you something to increase your immunity power.

1. Hygiene: For healthy immune system and proper working of it it is very important to keep our surrounding clean. While cooking and while eating it is important to maintain hygiene. As we know that, there are millions of bacteria in our hands and the edible items are also touched by many people. So before eating and before touching food wash your hands properly with Dettol or sanitizer so that these bacteria’s do not enter inside your body and harm your body. By Following these simple measures in your life you can stay healthy and there by increasing your immunity.

2.Honey: It is an easily available product or one of the home remedy that can help you increase your immunity. It is naturally antibacterial, antioxidant, antimicrobial agents that save our body from viruses, fungi, pesticides, allergens, and bacteria and also improve our immune system. Honey is also a natural energy booster.
How to use: Daily take 2 Tsp. honey mixed in 1 glass of lukewarm water which can help you maintain your immune system. Take this in empty stomach. It is also a brain booster. It can also be used by mixing 1 tsp. Honey and 1tsp. lemon juice in 1 glass of lukewarm water and take it before breakfast. In terms of immune system honey is also called cleansing tonic and you should always start your day by drinking this cleansing tonic which makes your immune system strong.3

3.Exercise (yoga):  Exercise or yoga is very important for our healthy life because it is helpful in maintaining your body fitness as well as purification of blood. It also strengthens our immune system by a routine yoga or exercise in fresh air. By yoga, antibodies get activated and help to fight with bacterial agents. Some yoga’s are Kapal Bhati, Annulom-Vilom etc. Morning walk and jogging in fresh air are also very important for the strengthening of our immune system. Children and teenagers should also do yoga for maximum 60-70 minutes or any kind of muscle work. An adult must do exercise for 160-170 minutes and weight lifting exercise at least 2-3 times in a week. Senior citizens of 60-70 years of age or more than that and not suffering from any kind of disease or health issue must daily do exercise for 140-150 minutes.

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4.Fruits and vegetables: Green vegetables and fruit are helpful in many ways. They make our immune system strong keeps us mentally strong and healthy. Citrus foods are very important as it contains vitamin-C and it helps to build up our immune system and increases the production of WBCs ( white blood cells) example of citrus foods are the lemon, orange, grape fruit, limes etc. Mix fruit juices are also important for our body.
In green vegetables, all the fibers, minerals, vitamins, proteins and many more things are present that help to boost the immune system. It also produces antibodies and after getting activated they fight with the allergens. Some important green vegetables are- spinach, broccoli, lady finger, bottle gourd, etc. Mixed vegetable juice is also very effective.Some important points are:
* 7-8 glass of Luke warm water on a regular basis is very important.
* Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
* Avoid stress.
* Take balanced diet.
* Take a regular sleep of 7-8 hour.
Thank you for reading my this article.