Top 4 Indian sweet recipes

Top 4 Indian sweet recipes: In this article, we’ll tell you about Top 4 Indian sweet recipes.

1. Ghewar:
1. Maida/White floor (250 gm)
2. Milk (1-2 cup)
3. Ghee (1 bowl)
4. Water (2-3 cup)
5. Ghee/Oil ( for fry the Ghewar)
6. Sugar (4 cups)
7. Rabri/Condense milk-based dish ( for garnish)

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First, you can take a mixer for making a ghewar liquid. First, you take a ghee+ water and mix it well with the help of mixer until it turns like a cream. Then add a little bit of maida or white floor in it and little bit amount of milk. Then mix it well with the help of a mixer. If your ghewar liquid is thick then add some drop of water and mix it. Now repeat this same process until the liquid is being prepared ( add maida or white floor then add milk then water by the help of mixer). Now your ghewar liquid is prepared. One thing remembers in ghewar liquid there are no clumps in it and it will be very thin liquid. After that take a deep utensil and put it on gas and pour a 4-5 bowl of ghee/oil for spreading the ghewar liquid. Now put a ring-like structure ( depth is at least 6-8 inches) in the middle of the deep utensil. After heating the ghee/oil take a deep spoon and slowly pour the ghewar liquid in the middle of the ring and wait for 1-2 min then again pour the ghewar liquid. Repeat this process 4-5 times and make a thick ghewar. Now make a hole between the ghewar with help of some thick middle like structure. Now leave it for 4-5 min. Now it’s ready. Then make chashni/sugar syrup by heating of sugar and water together. After that dip, the ghewar in it and garnish with fresh Rabri/condensed milk-based dish and some dry fruits. Now your tasty ghewar is ready to serve. Ghewar is a festive dish.

2.Gulab jamun:
1. Maida/White floor (2 cups)
2. Khoya (1/2 cup)
3. Kesar/Saffron (2-3 picks)
4. Sugar (2 cups)
5. Water (1/2 cup)
6. Green Elaichi/Cardamom (6-7)
7. Baking soda (1/8 tsp.)

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First, you should properly filter the maida/white floor. Now take a bowl and add maida, khoya and baking soda in it. Now mix it well. After that make a dough by adding some drop of milk. Now leave this day for 15 mins. Then make a medium size ball-like structure. Now put a frying pan on gas and then pour the oil in it for deep fry. After heating the oil fry the white floor ball until its turn brown. Now another hand makes a sugar syrup. Put the pan on gas and pour water and sugar in it. After mixing of sugar and water add cardamom and saffron in it. Now deep the fried ball in it for 5-10 mins. Now your soft, sponge and tasty gulab jamun are ready to serve.Kheer:

1. Milk (1 liter)
2. Small size rice (1 bowl)
3. Ghee (2 tsp.)
4. Sugar (according to you)
5. Dry fruits ( for garnish)
6. Kesar/saffron (2 pinches)

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First, you take small size rice and soak it in water for 15-20 mins. Now another hand boils the milk properly by adding saffron( for beautiful color and smell) on low-medium flame for 25-30 mins. Now filter or extract the water from rice. After that put fry pan on gas and pour ghee in it. After heating the ghee add a small size of rice and fry it until it turns light brown. Now add sugar in the milk(according to you) and dry fruits in it. Then bowl it 10 to 15 mins more and stir continuously. After that add fry brown color rice in it and again boil it 10 mins on low-medium flame. After 10 min turns on the gas. Your tasty kheer is ready to serve. If you want to eat cold kheer then put it in the freezer for 1 hour more.

4.Suji (semolina) halwa:
1. Semolina (Suji 250 gm)
2. Ghee (2-3 tsp.)
3. Sugar (according to you)
4. Milk (1-2 cup)
5. Water
6. Dry fruits (for garnish)

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First, you take Suji or semolina and a fry it. Put fry pan on gas and pore ghee in it. After heating ghee adds semolina or Suji and stir continuously on low flame for 10 to 15 min until its turn light brown in color. Now add milk and sugar to it. Mix all these things properly. If halwa become dry then add less than half glass of water and stair properly. Now cook it for 5-8 min more than the turn of the gas. Now Suji halwa is ready to serve. Garnish it with dry fruits.

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