Top 3 recipes of south Indian dishes

Top 3 recipes of south Indian dishes: In this article, I’ll tell you about Top 3 recipes of south Indian dishes which are very easy to make and very tasty to eat.

1. Dosa:
1. Split Black Gram/Urad dal ( 2 bowls)
2. Rice (4 bowls)
3. Baking soda (3 tsp.)
4. Salt (according to taste)
5. Oil
6. Boiled potato (4-5)
7. Turmeric ( 2 tsp.)
8. Coriander leaf (chopped)
9. Green chili (2-3)
10. Amchur powder (2 tsp.)
11. Red chili powder (1 tsp.)
12. Ginger (1/2 inch)

To make dosa, firstly wash split black gram or urad dal and rice separately. After that soak the urad dal or split black gram and rice for 5-6 hours separately. After 5-6 hours grind the split black gram in the grinder with adding half glass of water and make a little bit thick paste. Now grind the rice in the grinder and make a thick paste. Then mix the split black gram and rice together. Now add baking soda and salt in this paste. Mix it well and cover it. Leave this paste at a warm place for 13-14 hours. After this long gap, prepare the masala of dosa. For that, put the frying pan on the gas and pour oil. After heating oil adds boiled potato, green chili, red chili powder, amchur powder, salt and coriander leaf. Fry this all ingredients for 5-8 mints. Now for making dosa, first put Tava or fry pan on gas and spread some oil on it. Then take a big deep spoon and spread dosa paste on Tava or fry pan in a circular motion and after 7-8 sec sprinkle some oil drops. Now cook this for 4-5 min until one side of dosa turns light brown in color. Then spread dosa masala in the middle of dosa and fold it properly. Now dosa is ready to serve with sambhar and coconut chutney.

2. Sambhar vada: 
Ingredients: (Recipe of vada)
1. Oil
2. Split Bengal gram/ Chana dal(1 bowl)
3. Split black gram/ Urad dal ( 1.5 bowls)
4. Ginger (1/2 inch)
5. Green chili (2)
6. Green coriander leaf
7.Salt (according to taste)
8. Red chili powder (1tsp.)
To make vada, first, wash the chana/split Bengal gram and urad dal/split black gram separately. Now soak the chana and urad dal separately for overnight. Then next morning extract the water from dal and wash it again. Now grind this both urad dal and chana dal together without adding water. If the paste is thicker then add few drop of water. Do not grind it too much. Now add green chili, red chili powder, green coriander leaves, salt, and ginger. Mix this mixture properly. To make the vada soft, mix this paste as much as you can. The mixture is ready to make vada. Put a frying pan on the gas and pour oil in it. After heating oil makes the shape of vada with the help of your palm and deep fry this vada. Make all the vada like that and fry deeply. Fry this vada until its turn light brown in color. Now your crispy and soft vada is ready.

Recipe of Sambhar:
1. Split yellow gram/Arhar dal (1cup)
2. Tamarind/Imli paste (1tsp.)
3. Brinjal (1)
4. Tomato (2)
5. Bottle guard/Lauki (1/2)
6. Salt ( according to taste)
7. Coriander (1 tsp.)
8. Turmeric powder (1 tsp.)
9. Mustard (1/2 tsp.)
10. Hing (1 pinch)
11. Cumin seed (1 tsp.)
12. Black pepper (7-8)
13. Cloves (3-4)
14. Red chili (2-3)
15. Oil
16. Kari Leafs (7-8)
17. Chana dal, urad dal (1 cup)
First, wash the Arhar dal and soak it for 2-3 hours. Put fry fan on the gas and pour oil in it. After heating oil add chana dal and urad dal, fry until its turns brown. After that add coriander, cumin seed, Hing, mustard, black pepper, clove and red chili. Fry this all things for 4-5 mins and add turmeric powder. Now leave this at room temperature for 10-15 min and grind all this spice in the grinder. Make a paste of tomato, green chili, and ginger. Now cook the arhar dal in cooker. After 1 whistle heats it on low flame for 4-5 mins. Now wash and cut all the vegetables and cook it for 12-16 min by adding half glass of water. Then put a frying pan on gas and pour oil in it. Now add mustard and Kari leaf for tadka. Then add tomato paste and fry for 4-5 min. Now add all the sambhar masala and half glass of water. Cooked it for 5-6 min. Then mash the arhar dal and mix this tadka paste and cooked vegetables in mashed dal. Add salt according to taste and a half or one glass of water. Cook all this things for 7-8 mins. Now your tasty vegetable sambhar is ready with vada and coconut chutney.

3. Curd rice :
1. Rice (1.5 cups)
2. Fresh curd (2 cups)
3. Ghee or oil
4. Fresh Coriander leaves
5. Mustard (1/2 tsp.)
6. Urad dal/split black gram (1 tsp)
7. Hing (1.5 pinches)
8. Cumin seeds/Jeera (1 tsp.)
9. Black pepper
10.Curry leaves (7-9)
11. Salt ( according to taste)
To make cud rice, first, wash the rice and soak it for 30 to 45 min. Now cook this rice in the cooker. After one whistle cook rice for 5-7 mins more. Then put a frying pan on gas and pour ghee or oil in it. After heating ghee or oil add mustard, Kari leaves, hing and cumin seeds. Cook this for 2-3 mins. Now add urad dal and salt. Fry this urad dal for 7-8 mins until it turns brown in color. Now turn off the gas. On other hand add curd and black pepper in cooked rice. After that add urad dal mixture in rice and mix all this mixture properly. Garnish this curd rice with green coriander leaves. Now your curd rice is ready to serve.

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