Top 3 best dishes which can easily cook at home 

Top 3 best dishes which can easily cook at home: In this article, Today we’ll tell you about Top 3 best dishes which can easily cook at home

1. Dahi Vada:

1. Split black gram/urad dal (1 cup)
2. Boil Water
3. Oil (for fry)
4. Ginger paste (1 tsp.)
5. Green chili paste (1 tsp. Optional)
6. Fresh Curd/yogurt (2-3 cup)
7. Salt (according to taste)
8. Black pepper powder (1/2 tsp.)
9. Roasted cumin powder (1 tsp.)
10. Mithi Chatni/sweet sauce
11. Red chili powder

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First, you can soak the split black gram or urad dal overnight. Next morning filter extra water from urad dal and grind it by the help of grinder in the presence of sufficient water quantity and one thing remember the paste of split black gram/urad dal is a little bit thick. Now take a big bowl pour grind urad dal and add ginger and green chili. Mix all these properly at least  8-10 mins. Now put a frying pan on gas and pour oil in it. After heating oil takes a one spoon urad dal paste on your palm and press lightly and makes a round shape, now make a hole in the middle of this shape by the help of finger. Then fry it. Repeat this method for all the urad dal paste. Now take another deep utensil and pour it with Luke warm water and dip all the fried vada for 5-10 mins. Now another hand takes a fresh curd/yogurt in a bowl add some small quantity of sugar(optional). Now rip this curd/yogurt properly with the churning stick do not use an electric blender. After that fried vada getting out from water and press it with the palm for extracting the water. Now its time to serve this dish. Now for plating vada keep in the plate and put yogurt on it. Garnish it with roasted cumin seed, red chili powder, black pepper powder and sweet red sauce.

2. Aloo kachori: 

1. Potato (4)
2. Cumin seed (2 tsp.)
3. Coriander powder (1.5 tsp.)
4. Green chili (2)
5. Red chili powder (1 tsp.)
6. Coriander leaf
7. Salt (according to taste)
8. Amchur powder/mango powder (1.5 tsp.)
9. Ginger (1/2 inch)
10. Oil (1 tsp.)
11. Maida/white floor or wheat floor(2 bowls)
12. Suji/semolina (half bowl)
13. Baking soda (1/2 tsp.)
14. Oil (2 tsp.)
15. Boil Water (for making dough)
16. Oil (for fry)

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First, you put the potato in the pressure cooker to keep boiling. Now another hand you make a dough for kachori. Take a bowl and pour white floor/ maida or wheat flour and add oil, baking soda, and semolina, make a chapati like dough by adding sufficient amount of boil water. Cover this dough and leave it for 30-35 mins. Now your potato is boiled. Remove the peel of potato and mash it properly. Now add salt, green chili, amchur or mango powder, coriander powder, cumin seed, oil and mix it properly. Now dough and filling material are ready. Then put a frying pan on gas and pour oil in it. Leave it for heating. Now another hand by the help of roller make a small chapati like structure and put the filling of kachori and close it properly and make a ball like structure. Now make a small chapati by the help of roller and fry it until its turn brown in color. Repeat this same procedure for making the aloo kachori. Aloo kachori is ready to serve. Serve it with bhaji, chole or pickle.

3. Methi (fenugreek) puri:

1. Green Methi leaves (250 gm)
2. Wheat flour (3 cups)
3. Besan/gram flour (1 cup)
4. Oil (2 tsp.)
5. Cumin seed (2 tsp.)
6. Salt (according to taste)
7. Water (for making dough)
8. Red chili powder (1/2 tsp.)
9. Oil (for fry)

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First of all wash green Methi leaves properly and put it for the try. After that cut it in small pieces or little bit grind in the absence of water. Now take a big bowl and filter wheat flour and gram flour together and add cumin seed, red chili powder, salt, oil and green Methi leaves. Mix all these things properly and make a dough. One thing remembers the dough is a little bit harder than chapati dough. Leave this dough for 15 mins. Now put a frying pan on gas and pour oil in it. After heating oil makes small size chapati like structure and fries it. Repeat this process for making all the Methi puri. Methi Puri is ready to serve. You can serve this with sauce, bhaji or pickles.

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