Simple daily activities to stay fit for women

simple daily activities to stay fit:  If you do not want to go to the gym, you still want to be fit, then you have to take care of some things, if you do all the things regularly, which I have told you in the article, you will always be fit.

 1. Running: Running is considered to be the best for health. Whether it is a man or a woman, running is healthy for everyone. The best time to run is before the sun comes out, and it is very important to take care of one thing before running, your abdomen should be empty while running. If you regularly run in the morning then you will always be healthy; The effect of blood flows in the entire body so that every part of your body works properly. By running, every part of your body gets regular exercise, whether it is a hand or a stomach, heart, mind, and all the limbs get regular exercise. This also causes your body to stretch and the bones are strong. It is important to take care of one thing to run, never run without shoes, always wear shoes and run. Try it and always ran on the normal floor. To stay fit you run regularly in the morning.

2. Swimming: Swimming is also considered to be the best for health. There are rules to swim to stay fit. If you follow those rules then you will always be fit, the first rule is that you should never wear normal clothes and go swimming, you always use the swimming costume to swim. Remember the second rule: Do not eat anything until 2 hours before swimming, always try to swim empty stomach. Even the best time to swim is considered in the morning, but it is not necessary that you swim in the morning, you can go swimming anytime, it is necessary for you to have an empty stomach. By swimming, you have your entire body stretch, and all the organs of the body get regular exercise. By swimming, we keep mentally and physically fit, this also removes stress and increase flexibility in the body. Our lungs are also healthy for swimming, it also helps in reducing our weight and also does not allow fat to come on the body.

3. Dancing: If you do not want to go to the gym, you can do an activity to stay fit that it is dance. By dancing, we are also entertained and also keep our body fit. Dancing always increases our stamina, by dancing, every part of your body gets regular exercise, it enhances our blood circulation, when blood reaches every part of our body in a manner, then each part of our body works well. then that organ works regularly for a long time. Dancing also increases our heart rate, which reduces the risk of heart disease, it also maintains the weight of our body.

4. Healthy food: Nutrition is the most important part of our life. Being fatty and being to be thin and to be healthy all depends on our diet. What we drink and what we eat, this thing has a very profound effect on our body. If you eat something types of junk food, such as street food, burgers, pizza, noodles and many other fried things that are not made by looking at the purity, then you are sick. It can be the cause of weight gain, excess weight loss, gradual degradation of any body text, defective immune system. If you take good diet, such as fruits, green vegetables, fresh juices, mineral water and cooked in fewer house spices, then you will be left out of the danger of diseases. If you do any activity such as dancing, running, swim and many other exercises without a good diet, then these activities will have a bad effect on your body, and your body will be down. If you take a good diet after doing all these activities, then your body will be up, its increase your strength, your bones will be strong and your weight will be balanced and you will be protected from dangerous diseases, so always take a good diet to stay healthy and If you do good exercise with good diet then you will always be fit. Take the diet always at a time interval. Take breakfast between 8:00 am to 10:00 am, take lunch between 2:00 pm of 4:00 pm, get a snack around 6:00 pm and take dinner at last 9:00 pm. If you are eating the same time you will always be healthy.

5. Sleeping: Like eating and drinking is a part of our life is just such a sleeping is also a part of our life. Peoples usually focus on eating and drinking but do not give it to sleep. If we sleep for a very short time, then our immune system also gets worse, our face gets painted, a stress persists, and also, we can be victims of many dangerous diseases. Therefore, we should take 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to stay healthy, take less sleep, our body weight can also increase. If we take a good sleep every day, then it has a great effect on our body, our immune system is good, our face comes rousing, our body weight is balanced, the stress is also low, and our Body muscles also get relief. If you exercise regularly, eat well, do an extra activity, then sleep well to stay fit.