Recipes of Veg Burger, Spring roll, White sauce pasta and Panner pakode

Recipes of Veg Burger, Spring roll, White sauce pasta and Panner pakode: In this article, I’ll to tell you about some street foods Which is very easy to cook and tasty as the eat. You do not need to get extra eatable things to cook this street food, you can make it from the normal home eatable things.

1. Vegetable burger:

1. Bunn (6)
2. Boil Potatoes (4)
3. Green chili (2)
4. Chilli sauce (5 tsp.)
5. Tomato sauce (5 tsp.)
6. Paneer (6 slices)
7. Butter
8. Bread crumbs
9. Red chili powder(3 tsp.)
10. Cumin powder (2 tsp.)
11. Onion (3)
12. Tomato (3)
13. Salad Leafs
14. Salt ( according to taste)

For making a veg burger, first, you can wash all the vegetables properly and cut the onion and tomato into thin slices. After that take a big bowl and mash the boiled potato, then add red chili powder, cumin powder and salt, mix it well. Now Tikki paste is ready, then take some Tikki paste on the palm and press lightly, then dip into bread crumbs properly. After that put the pan on the gas and spread butter properly. Now roast the potato Tikki until its turn brown. So, potato Tikki is ready. After that take a bun and cut it into the middle and divide into two parts, then roast the burger bun with the help of butter for 3-4 min from both sides. Now bunn and potato Tikki is ready. It’s time to make the burger. For that take a half part of bunn and spread tomato sauce. Then put the potato Tikki, onion slice, tomato slice, salad leaf, paneer slice and spread chili sauce on another half part of the bun and the first part of bunn with this half bun. So, your healthy beg burger is ready to serve.

2. Maggi Spring roll:

1. Maggi ( 1packet)
2. White flour/maida (3 cups)
3. Capsicum (1)
4. Onion (1)
5. Tomato (1)
6. Oil
7. Water
8. Red chili powder (1 tsp.)
9. Cumin seed (1 tsp.)
10. Green chili (2)
11. Salt ( according to taste)

For spring roll, first, you can make a dough of maida or white flour by adding a small amount of salt, after the making dough covers it with a cotton cloth and Leave it for 15 min. On other hand make vegetable masala Maggi. For that, wash all the vegetables and chop properly. Now put a pan on the gas and pour oil in it, after heating oil adds cumin seed, then add onion and green chili, cook for 4-5 min until it turns golden brown color. After that, add tomato and capsicum and fry it for 6-7 min. Now add Maggi masala or extra Maggi masala and add a half cup of water, fry it for 5-6 min.Now add raw Maggi, salt and the half glass of water and cook it for 7-8 min. Now your dry masala Maggi is ready.
Now take a dough of flour and make a small circle Shape like chapatti. Now put the dry masala Maggi in the middle of chapatti. Then make a roll and stick properly the role at the end and both side of chapati with the help of water.
Now put the frying pan on the gas and pour oil for deep fry. After heating oil dips the Maggi roll in it and fries carefully until it turns the brown color. So your Maggi spring roll is ready to serve. You should also cut this spring roll into pieces. Now serve it with tomato or Sche Zwan sauce.

3. White sauce pasta:

Ingredients :
1. Pasta (2 cups)
2. Milk (1 glass)
3. Capsicum (1)
4. Carrot (1)
5. Black pepper (2 tsp.)
6. Cheese (2 tsp.)
7. Oil
8. Onion (1)
9. Green chili (1)
10. Salt (according to taste)

For making white sauce pasta, first, you should make the white sauce. For that take a pan and put it on the gas and fill it with milk add onion, black pepper, and salt. Boil it for 15-20 min on low medium flame. After 20 min turns off the gas your little bit thick white sauce is ready now. Then boil the pasta in another pan for 10-12 min. After that take a frying pan and put it on the gas then pour some drop of oil after heating the oil add capsicum, green chili, carrot, salt and some drop of water, cook it for 7-8 min. Now add pasta in it and fry it for 3-4 min. After all, this procedure adds the white sauce in the pan and mixes all the mixture properly. Cook this for 4-5 min, if the mixture is thicker then add some water. Now at the end add cheese in it. So, the white sauce pasta is ready to serve.

4. Panner pakode:

1. Panner (250 gm)
2. Curd ( 5-6 tsp.)
3. Gram flour (8-9 tap.)
4. Arrowroot powder ( 4 tsp.)
5. Green chili (2)
6. Green coriander leaf
7. Baking soda (2 tsp.)
8. Red chili powder
9. Oil ( for deep fry)
10. Salt ( according to taste)
11. Water
12. Bread crumbs 

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First, you take panner and cut it into length wise square shape. For making panner pakoda Firstly you magnet the panner. For magnetizing process take a bowl and pour curd, arrowroot powder, red chili powder, salt, green chili and chopped coriander leaf. Mix it well. Now deep all the paneer pieces in it gently and keep it in freezer for 30 mins. After 30 min put the magnet panner at room temperature. Now take an another bowl and pour gram flour, salt, green chili, red chili powder, bread crumbs, baking soda, and water. Mix it well and make a little bit thick paste. Now another hand put a frying pan on the gas and pour oil in it for deep fry. After heated oil the panner deep into paste one by one and deep fry until it turns brown in color. Now sponge and creepy panner pakoda are ready to serve with tomato sauce or green chutney.


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