Recipes: Gulab jamun, Jalebi, Shrikhand, Kheer and Gajar halwa

Recipes: Gulab jamun, Jalebi, Shrikhand, Kheer and Gajar halwa: First of all thank you so much for reading this article. In this article, I’ll tell you about some tasty and delicious dishes, now I am talking about Recipes: Gulab jamun, Jalebi, Shrikhand, Kheer and Gajar halwa. I described the whole recipe in a very easy way.

1. Gulab jamun:

1. White flour/Maida (250 gm)
2. Khoya (100 gm)
3. Sugar (according to taste)
4. Baking soda (4-5 tsp.)
5. Milk (1.5 cups)
6. Bread
7. Kismish/Raisins (7-8 pcs.)
8. Kesar/Saffron (2 pinches)
9. Milk (half glass)
10. Elaichi/Cardamon powder (1/2 tsp.)
11. Oil (for deep fry)
For making gulab jamun, first, you take bread and remove the brown parts of bread. After that, take one big bowl and pour white part of crushed bread, now add maida, khoya, baking soda, Elaichi powder, Kesar and kish mish, mix this mixture properly. After that add milk slowly and make a soft dough. Now leave this dough for 15 mins. Then make a round shape small balls of all the dough. Now put the frying pan on the gas and pour oil in it for deep fry. After heating the oil deep fry all the balls until its turns light brown in color. On other hand put another pan on gas and pour water and sugar in it and cook it for 10-15 mins. Now sugar syrup is ready. Again take a new bowl and pour all the sugar syrup in it and dip all the balls in it for 30-35 mins. Now your tasty and soft gulab jamun are ready to serve.

2. Jalebi:

1. White flour/Maida (3 cups)
2. Ararot/ Arrowroot powder (2 tsp.)
3. Curd (3 tsp.)
4. Baking soda (2 tsp.)
5. Elaichi/Cardamon powder (2-3 tsp.)
6. Oil/Ghee
7. Red food color/Haldi
8. Water
For sugar syrup:
1. Sugar (100 gm)
2. Water (1/2-1 glass)
3. Lemon (4-5 drop)
4. Saffron/Cardamon powder (1-2 pitches)Method:
For making Jalebi, first, you take a bowl and pour maida, ararot powder, curd, red food color or Haldi, baking soda, water and Elaichi powder. Mix it well and make a little bit thick mixture. One thing remembers there are no crumbs in that mixture so mix it properly. Leave it for 10 mins. On other hand prepared the sugar syrup. For sugar syrup, put the pan on the gas and pour sugar and water in it. Then add saffron and few drop of lemon juice. Cook this syrup for 10-12 mins. After that make jalebi and your mixture is ready, So take tomato sauce bottle or make a plastic or cloth cone for making jalebi. Fill the mixture in a cone and join the end of cone properly. Then put a frying pan on the gas and pour oil in it for deep fry. After heating the oil, with the help of cone make the jalebi. Cook the jalebi for 5-7 mins properly until its turns golden in color and after that deep the Jalebi in sugar syrup for 4-5 min. Now your crispy and delicious jalebi are ready to serve.

3. Shrikhand:

1. Curd (250 gm)
2. Elaichi/Cardamom (5-6 pcs.)
3. Milk (1/2 cup)
4. Saffron
5. Pista
6. Clean cotton cloth

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For shrikhand, first, take a clean cotton cloth and pour curd in the middle and tie properly, then hang this cloth for 30 mins. After 30 min takes this curd in a bowl and put it into the freezer for 10 mins. On another hand, take a bowl and pour milk in it and add saffron and Elaichi. Boil this mixture for extracting the color of saffron. After that put it on the freezer for 15 mins. Now take out the bowl of curd from the freezer and add sugar in it. Mix it well. If it possible then uses sugar powder. After this procedure, mix the saffron milk in the curd and mix it properly. Put this mixture in freezer or freezer for 15-20 mins. Shrikhand garnish with Pista. Now your shrikhand is ready to serve.

4. Kheer: 

1. Rice (1 bowl)
2. Milk (1 kg)
3. Sugar (3-4 tsp.)
4. Chopped Almond/Dry fruits (5-6)
5. Saffron (1-2 pinches)
6. Elaichi/Cardamom (3-4 pics.)
7. Ghee (2 tsp.)

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First, you take a pan and boil the milk at least 20-25 min on low medium flame by adding saffron, sugar, chopped almond, and Elaichi. On other hand take another fry pan and pour ghee and fry the rice for 10-12 min. After that add fry rice in the boiled milk. If you want then put it in the freezer for 20-25 mins. Now your kheer is ready to serve. Garnished it with some chopped dry fruits.

5. Gajar halwa:

1. Carrot (7-8)
2. Milk (3 cups)
3. Sugar (3-4 cups)
4. Malai/Cream (1/2 bowl)
5. Elaichi/cardamom (3-4)
6. Water (1/2 cup)
7. Dry fruits
8. Ghee (1/2 cup)Method:
First, you should boil the carrot for 30 mins. After that take a frying pan and pour the boiled carrot. Then cook it for 10-15 min. After that add ghee in it and cook it for 7-8 mins. Now add sugar, milk, Malai, Elaichi powder and a half glass of water and cook it for 20-25 min properly on low medium flame. After 25 mins add dry fruits in it and leave it for again 10 min. Now turn off the gas and your tasty Gajar halwa is ready to serve.



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