Best beauty tips for normal skin, dry skin and oily skin

Best beauty tips for normal skin, dry skin and oily skin:
The most important contribution to good health and physical beauty is our body skin. Skin care is very important for our body. To nourish our skin we first need to know the type of our skin like normal skin, oily skin or dry skin. In this article, I am going to discuss some tips for the betterment of normal skin, oily skin and dry skin.

1. Normal skin:
Normal skins are very neat and clean. It doesn’t have any kind of spots or marks. It is neither very oily nor too dry. But if these types of skins are not taken care of properly they start to get dry.

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* Wash all the makeups, dust and sweats before going to bed.
* Use the cleanser to clean your face.
* After washing the face it is very necessary to use moisturizer.
* It is necessary to apply lemon juice with cream (fresh malai) in the cold.
* Use a face pack of the egg once in a week.
*  To keep a proper blood circulation massage your face by moisturizer once in a week.
* Use normal face pack twice in a week.
* In a week, the juice of cucumber is to be done two to three times by cotton and after drying it is to be washed.
* Massage with almond cream around your eyes so that the dead skin gets removed.
* Add 2 tsp. of turmeric in 1 tsp. of fresh lemon juice and apply it on your face. Do this 2-3 times in a week.
* Try to use turmeric made cream on your face.
* Massage your face with thin slices of potato because it contains vitamin-C and it is very important for the face. Do this 4-5 times in a week.
* Apply raw milk on your face with cotton and leave it to dry then rub it and remove the milk from your face. This must be done every early morning.
* Mix 2tsp. of honey in 1 tsp. of lemon juice and apply it on your face. It keeps your face smooth.
These tips are best to care for your normal skin.

2.Dry skin:
Dry skins are very sensitive, dry and hard.
Wrinkles and folds on such skin begin to rise very quickly. Due to fewer oil glands, skin gets dry. It is very hard for such type of skin to afford extreme cold and extremely hot.
Here are some important and effective tips for dry skin: Tips:
* Make less use of soaps for dry skins.
* Wipe these skins with smooth creams twice in a day.
* If the face is very dry make use of Badam Rogan oil or almond cream and massage it properly.
* Before sleeping washes your face properly with water and massage it with nourishing creams.
* 1 tsp. of semolina, 1 Tsp. if milk powder and 1\2 tsp. fresh curd mixes it and applies on your face. After drying it wash. Do this only once in a week.
* Only use wet cotton to clean your face if you are cleaning it many times in a day
* Use creams which have orange in it for massage because it has vitamin-E.
* If you want to use soap, use turmeric mixed with any face cream and massage your face then use the soap.
* Mix 2 tsp.of glycerine in your water tub before bathing.
* To reduce dryness, mix 2 tsp. of milk in 2 tsp. of white flour (maida) and massage it 2-3 times in a week.
* To reduce the roughness of the rusty skin, mix the pulp of watermelon pumpkin cucumber or melon in raw milk and massage your face.
These tips will help you get rid of your dry and rusty face.

3.Oily skin:
During puberty, the skin gets more oily because the oil glands become active. In oily skins lots of pimples and blackheads are present. It is very important to clean oily skins. Below are some important tips for oily skin.Tips:
* Do not apply oily creams on the face.
* Use face pack 3-4 times in a week.
* Oily faces must be washed properly with soaps 2-3 times in a day. If you don’t want to use soap wash face properly with cold water and clean it with a clean towel.
* Protect your face from dust and smoke.
* Apply antiseptic lotion 3 in the day on your face.
* Before going to bed clean your face with raw milk and cleansing cream.
* Avoid oily food in your diet.
* Drink 6-7 glass of water in a day.
* Take steam once in a week.
* 1 Tsp. Neem powder, 1 Tsp. wheat flour, 2 Tsp. fresh curd and few drops of fresh lemon juice mix them all and make a pack. Apply it on your face and after drying wash it with cold water.
* Avoid heavy makeup.
* 2 Tsp. papaya pulp and 7-8 drops of fresh lemon juice mix them and then massage your face with this in a circular motion for 8-10 minutes.
These tips will help you get rid of your oily skin.
Thank you for reading this article.