Asthma: cause, symptoms and treatment at home

Asthma: cause, symptoms and treatment at home: Asthma has become a very common disease in today’s generation. This disease can happen to any age of people. This disease is mostly found in children and their symptoms are different in comparison to others. There are many causes of this disease such as air pollution, respiratory tract infection, pollen grains and allergy etc. In the right way, there is no treatment of asthma has been done till now, for eliminating this disease forever. But you can control this disease, which can give you much comfort from asthma. In asthma, the breathing track or respiratory track closes completely and the body does not get oxygen from outside. Because of this million of people die every year. Well, doctors have searched for this a lot of medicines but it can not be eliminated from the root. Some times asthma is genetic and caused by the environmental condition.
There are some few common symptoms of asthma like trouble in breathing, block respiratory tract, coughing problem, weaknesses, stress, chest tightness, breathlessness, chest pain, production of sputum by coughing and irritation in neck and chest. These problems occur in every single person who suffers from asthma. If the condition gets complicated then cough along with blood and bad smell comes out. It gets much worst at night, early morning, weather change and cold.
Now I will tell you some home remedies which helps you to control asthma.


1. Camphor (Kapoor): Camphor is the best home product for asthma. Camphor contains turpentine oil and it is derivative of different trees. Camphor oil is also very effective for asthma.

1. Mustard oil (2-3 tsp.)
2. Clove (3-4 pcs.)
3. Camphor (2-3 tsp.)
Firstly you take a bowl and pour mustard oil, clove, and powder of camphor. Now put the pan on gas and heat this mixture for 2 mins. Now its ready to use. Rub this mixture on your chest. Do this procedure twice in a day, for 15 days. It will give you relief as soon as possible.

2. Garlic: Garlic is the best home remedy for asthma and it’s easily available. Garlic is highly nutritious. It contains vitamins, selenium, fiber, and iron. It has anti inflammatory property. Garlic helps to regulate lipid molecules which open the respiratory tract and helps in easy breathing. Garlic can be used in different ways. You can use garlic in raw and oil form both are effective for asthma.

1. Garlic (3-4 knobs)
2. Ginger (1/2 inches)
3. Clove (2-3 pcs.)
4. Honey (1 tsp.)

You can use garlic with ginger or clove and honey both are very effective for asthma.
Firstly, you should wash the garlic and ginger separately. Now make a paste of ginger and garlic with the help of grinder and add 2-3 drop of honey in it and mix it well. Now eat this paste thrice in a week for 15-20 days. It will provide more relief than before.
Secondly, you should take a clove and soak it for overnight. Next day make a paste of garlic and clove, now add honey and mix it well. Eat this paste twice in a day with normal water. It will very effective to control asthma.

3. Steam: Steam gives sudden effective to asthma patients. Steam helps to lubricate the bronchioles, helps to reduce the thick and firm mucus. It also helps to release stress.
Method: First you take a big bowl and pour water in it. Put it on gas and heat it for 7-8 mins. Now take a bowl a side and put your face on it and cover your head to thorax region with a towel. Now inhale the steam through the nose and exhale it through the mouth. Repeat this process twice in a day for 15 days continuously.
You can also gargle with boiled water adding in it 1\2 tsp. of salt. It will also very helpful for asthma patients.

4. Honey: Honey is the best home product which is easily available and effective for asthma. Honey has anti oxidant property. It also boosts the immunity.

1. Honey (1-2 tsp.)
2. Lemon juice (1 tsp.)
3. Lukewarm water
4. Ginger juice (5-6 drops)
First, you take 1 glass of lukewarm water then add honey and lemon juice. Mix it well. Now it’s ready to drink. Repeat this method once in a day for 15-20 days. It will give you best result as soon as possible.
You can also use ginger juice on the place of lemon juice. Ginger reduces the thickness of mucus and control coughing problem.

5. Onion: Onion is very easily available home remedy and best for asthma patients. It contains carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamins, and fats. Onion is used in any form. You can use onion in raw form, in form of salad and in form of vegetables etc. It has inflammatory property. It gives sudden relief in a cough and mucus. You can also extract the fresh juice of onion and add half spoon of honey. It also effective for asthma. It reduces the chest pain.

Important points:
* Avoid dust.
* Avoid cold things like ice cream, rice, cold drinks, curd and cold water.
* Stay protective in cold weather.
* Regular exercise and yoga.
* Cover your nose and mouth portion in pollution.