Arthritis: Causes and treatments at home

Arthritis: Causes and treatments at home: Arthritis is a serious illness. In this disease, the joint seems to be painful and swelling comes from which there is a lot of difficulty in walking and sitting. No one has yet found the reason for this disease. The disease has become very common in today’s time. These diseases can occur at any age. That’s why it is difficult to detect and prevent the disease. At the beginning of this disease, just a little pain begins in the joints but later this pain increases which becomes very difficult to cope with, then slowly it becomes swollen and joints become red all around. This disease is also genetic and our body produces uric acid which we throughout with urine but when uric acid builds more in the body and this uric acid does not come out with urine, it starts to collect in the joints, which causing illness such as arthritis. In this article, I’ll tell you some home remedies which cure you of arthritis.

1. Garlic: Garlic is best for arthritis and it easily available in the home. It’s very simple tips. You can use garlic oil also it’s very effective for arthritis.  Garlic is used in different ways like,

*Firstly, you should take a 4-5 knob of garlic and roast it on gas properly, then leave it for 2-3 minutes, then remove the cover and eat it with water. It’s very easy and simple way. Repeat this step 3-4 days in a week for 1 month and see the result.

*Secondly, you should take garlic oil which is available in the market and you can make it yourself too, for that take 3-4 pcs. of Kapoor(camphor) and 4-5 knobs of garlic both are dipped into mustard oil and heat it for 5 minutes now apply it on joints after cooling.

2. Boil water: It’s unbelievable but it’s true boil water. Sometimes, few people are suffering from constipation that time the pain of arthritis is increasing which is impossible to handle at that time you should take drink boil water for constipation. Drinking of boil water 3-4 glass in a day for one week decreases the problem of constipation and also cure the arthritis problem. 

Note- You can also drink normal water at least 4-5 liters in a day which is helping to throughout the uric acid by urine properly.

3. Methi: Methi is found in seed and leaf form which both are effective for arthritis. It’s easily available in the market. Methi provides iron to the body which is important mineral for arthritis problem. You can use Methi in both forms either in seed or in leaf form. I’ll tell you about both forms. 

*Firstly, you should take methi seed and soak into the water for overnight, next morning make a paste with the help of grinder then squeeze it and separate the juice in a glass. Now add some black salt and black pepper and mix it well. Now it’s ready for the drink. Repeat this method 3-4 times in a week its work as soon as possible. The Same process is followed for methi Leafs. Only you don’t want to soak the Leafs.

*Secondly, you should make a powder properly of dry methi and eat it with normal water. Repeat this method for 2-3 times in a week for 1 month.

4. Carrot: Carrot is very helpful to cure arthritis. Raw carrot and carrot juice both are works on arthritis. Carrot is antioxidant property. It contains vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B6 which helps in arthritis. 

*Firstly, you should take the carrot and wash it properly then make a juice with the help of juicer now add black salt and drink. Repeat this step at least daily its works immediately.

*Secondly, you should eat the raw carrot in the form of salad by garnishing to black pepper and black salt.  Black pepper and black salt are also cured arthritis. This remedy use continuously for 1 month or for whole life because carrot has important vitamins which are necessary for our body for whole life. 

5. Exercise: Exercise is the best way for stay healthy. Arthritis Chowk the joints that’s why it creates problems in walking or sitting. It’s very important to take a rest in arthritis problem but exercise is also very necessary. So at least one hour do daily knee exercise. Walking is also the best exercise for arthritis patients (remember only walking not running or jogging). It also provides fitness for your whole body because some time heavy weight causes arthritis, so make sure that you are not overweighed.

Important points:
# If possible take bath with lukewarm water, it cures arthritis.
# Use honey in the place of sugar.
# Drink more water at least 4-5 liter in a day.
# Do exercise daily.
# Maintain your weight won’t be overweighed.
# Eat more green vegetable daily.

Thank you for reading this article.