About Us

Shoutertv is the new way to share the news, It has been created by Amit in 2017.The purpose of this website is to give the readers a good and accurate information about different fields, The information can be related to fields such as Fitness, Food, Android apps, Beauty, health, games and many more.
In today’s time, many people are unemployed, Besides they have knowledge and degree, They are jobless, So In futures, through this website, we will be given the tips to the people for HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE.
About me(Amit)
My name is Amit, I completed my primary education from B.l Jain School in 2009 and I did my graduation from Uptu University in 2015. I worked with Intarvo technology ltd in 2016.I like singing songs and playing guitar, but sharing knowledge is my passion ,Job is not in my interest, I always want to be my own boss, Whenever I read about new things I used to think that I would share my knowledge with my friends and family, But In today’s time no one wants to take knowledge of free, Hence no attention was given to me.Then I heard about the free self-making website, I thought it was one of the best Platform to share my knowledge, After that, I created the Shoutertv Website and now I can easily share my knowledge on it.