6 best magical ways for weight loss

6 Best magical ways for weight loss: Obesity is a major problem in a new generation.It has much consideration as like continuous work in the office on the sitting position, so food is not properly digested and its effect on a body and mainly cause obesity.Eating fast food, it does not contain every mineral which is necessary for your body, it also responsible for obesity.But do not bother you, we have many home remedies that will help too for losing your weight which is very easy to follow.Now I am explaining the “ 6 BEST MAGICAL WAYS FOR WEIGHT LOSS”.

1.Cabbage: This is a vegetable which is easily found and everyone eats this but may be you don’t know that cabbage helps in weight loss because only 34 calories approx are found in 1 bowl cabbage which is not responsible for increasing the weight of your body.


Take one cabbage and dipped into fresh water and boiled it well, now filter it and make a fresh soup.This easy and healthy soup helps in weight loss and will safe from obesity.

2.Water: Water is our life and it also works on obesity by drinking excessive water, our body works properly and our digestive system works perfectly well. After 15 mins of eating, you should always drink light boiled water.This formula prevents the obesity of body and your digestive system remains healthy too.

3.Cumin seeds(jeera): Cumin powder and cumin juice both are beneficial for obesity.Using cumin continuously 15-20 days obesity can be decreased.


1.Cumin seed(3 table spoon)

2.Water(half glass)

3.Fresh lemon juice(10-12 drops)


First, you have to take 3 table spoon of cumin seeds in a bowl and mix with a half glass of water and leave it for the whole night.Now next morning boiled this cumin seeds for 5-7 mins and filtered it then add 10-12 drops of lemon juice in it and drink it on an empty stomach for 15-20 days continuously. This will reduce your obesity and belly fat as soon as possible.

4.Honey: Honey is very useful in weight loss.You can use honey in many forms.

There are 2 methods:

1.Honey and warm water:

In this method, you have to take 1 table spoon of honey mixture into a 1 glass of warm water and mix it well.You can drink this mixture every morning with your empty stomach.It will increase your metabolism system and helps in weight loss.

2.Honey and lemon:

In this method first, you have to mix 1 table spoon of honey with 1 table spoon of lemon juice.When you mix it well then mix this mixture with warm water and drink this mixture after waking up at every early morning.It helps in purify intestinal track and helps in weight loss.

5.Yoga(Exercise): Yoga is the best way to quickly lose weight, keep fit and keep away from`many diseases.If you regularly do yoga then get free from obesity.Yoga increases flexibility and increases strength.If you do yoga in the early morning, then it is more beneficial because fresh air directly effects on your body.

*If you are avoiding 60% of fast food to reduce obesity,40% yoga is also responsible for reducing the obesity.

*Yoga should always do in the fresh environment and in open space its work quickly on your obesity.

*To reduce and belly fat one must go for walk in the early morning and regularly do yoga.

*You should also control your diet and avoid fatty food which is rich cholesterol and fat.

6.Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar protects from obesity and its break down the fat.Apple cider vinegar is easily available in the market.


1.Apple cider vinegar(1 table spoon)

2. Lukewarm water(1 glass)


First, you have to take a 1 glass of Lukewarm water add Apple cider vinegar in it and mix it well.Now drink this mixture before taking the meal.Use this procedure continuously 2 weeks, it works immediately on obesity and belly fat.

You can also drink Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice.You have to take Lukewarm water add Apple cider vinegar and put 6-10 drops lemon juice in it.This method will also reduce the belly fat and control the obesity.Thank you for reading this article 6 best magical ways for weight loss.

7.Carrot: Carrot is best and easy home remedy for weight loss. It contains many essential minerals like vitamins and fiber etc. Carrot consumes a lot of water and increases the production of saliva and enzymes which are very helpful for your digestion. It also cures the constipation problem. If the stomach digest properly all the facts then there will be no facts are on your body and no belly fats. 
First, you take a fresh carrot and wash it properly. You can use the carrot as a salad or juice both are works same on weight loss.
Now, make a juice with the help of juicer and filter it in a glass, then add half tsp. of black salt and mix it well. Fresh carrot juice is ready for the drink. Repeat this remedy one time in a day
for 20 days.