5 tips for every girl to turn her painful periods

A happy healthy and clean periods: A natural biological process that every girl or women goes through every month for about half of her life. A phenomenon so significant that the survival and propagation of spices depend upon it. There are various women who find that their menstrual cycle more cramping, heavy bleeding with enormous hormonal fluctuations which sometimes results to make anyone feel bad or downright miserable, usually the duration comes every month makes most of the girls feel stressful, depressing, painful and a couple of times even embarrassing. Those days actually get us down and makes feel less confident and enthusiastic than in normal. You don’t have to always suffer, though. it is important to stay energized during periods and is really possible to try and fight an irritable mood and how to enjoy your periods that you even never notice that painful time of the month, here are the really helpful and healthy periods tips to all the girls follow during their periods and have Happy, Healthy, painless and Clean Periods.


1. Drink water and stay hydrated:

It is really necessary to drink more water when you are in your periods feeling the most bloated, puffy and exhausted, the more and more water you drink, the more easily you will eliminate the water building up in your body. Drink eight to 10 glasses of fluid like water, juice or hot milk throughout the day. If you are outside, be sure to carry a water bottle with you, it is better to keep lukewarm or normal water. This will help you stay hydrated throughout your busy day. The liquid is very much essential to keep your periods cramp-free and raise up your mood.

2. Avoid the cold cuisine:

Cold and raw foods can give rise to more menstrual cramping. cramping pain during the periods can be a result of blood not flowing freely, that is there is either a blockage in blood flow or something The nerves contracts indicate a disruption in the flow. People who present this way experience intense period pain that responds well to the warmth and sometimes pressure, darker clotted blood flow. They are generally cold, especially in the lower abdomen at the period time. Switching to warmer foods in the pre-menstrual window is a great way to help keep symptoms under control – but remember, if it’s bad, it’s time to get it looked at by your natural fertility specialist. There is some recommendation Ginger tea (Stimulates the blood flow) pomegranate juice, avoid processed food.

3. Sleep to cope: 

Schedule a little extra sleep around the period time. When we are tired, it has been noticed that girls are more sensitive these days, and we cope much and better well rested to keep the body relaxed. Plus a lack of sleep leads to mad cravings, mood swings and more of irritation.


4.Easy exercises:

Easy exercises like stretching, yoga, walking or swimming help increase blood flow, which cuts down on cramping. Sitting still can make you feel worse, so it is important to exercise more, it also helps in stimulating blood flow. Exercising is a great way to lift your spirits and keep you moving up. Easy exercise makes the body more flexible during this period. It might also be the solution to a menstrual block or just what you need to regulate irregular periods naturally.

5. Hug a Heating Pad:

The cozy warm feeling of a heating pad on your tummy is so soothing and healing when cramps are so painful. It soothes your body tissues, muscles, easing your body at discomfort and minimizing cramps. Heating pads are helpful in the ease the pain and reducing constriction of blood vessels and improving blood flow to the uterus. Usage of hot pad is one of the best step closer to a pain-free period.

6.Don’t use soaps:

Usages of vaginal washes and soaps during the periods is strict NO as they can cause injury to the private parts and spread infection. The reason is the pH level of the vagina is regulated by the body to keep away vaginal infections, soaps with enormously of high value makes the vagina more susceptible to infections. Try to wash the surrounding skin but not inside your vagina which has a more delicate membrane.

7. Menstrual cups, pads or tampons:

There are lots of choices outside that you will need  to use something to soak up the menstrual blood, it is really necessary to decide what type of protection to use, it is really up to your comfort, some girls prefer pads because they are easy to use and  quite easier to remember when to change because you can see periodically after some hours, on the other hand, some prefers to have tampons and menstrual cups as they are easy to carry in pockets or purse, they are also very helpful for the girls who participate in sports, swimming since you cannot wear pads  in the water. It is likely to choose right protection according to your comfort and stick over one.

8. Avoid fitting pants:

Clothing during this time leads to a critical issue of irritation when girls feel so disrupting and less confident. Girls are advised not to wear fitting pants in the time they menstruate. These cloths can cause rashes and itching. Loose fitted and cooler stuff give the light feel internal as well as externally. Loose pants help to keep the area near vagina drier patted. Comfortable clothing around the stomach and vagina area keeps you feel not pressurized and sore, hence wear anything that is comfortable.

9. Maintain Hygiene:

It is really important to feel good and fresh from deep inside. Cleanliness is equally necessary right from the menstruating body to the method you are choosing sanitation during your periods. Woman’s body becomes lazier, stinky and weak at this time. So, regularly washing, taking daily warm baths make you feel better and relieved. Also remember to dispose of the used sanitary product properly, as it is also really crucial part to uplift your hygiene and health.

10. Proper Nutrition:

“When you eat well, you feel good” and the same rule applies for when you are on your periods. There is a number of women who suffer huge food craving during their periods, it is totally normal. Fruits, vegetables contain complex carbohydrates which are good to eat during menstruation. Calcium-rich food, Dark chocolate, Magnesium-rich food, Vitamins B6, E, and C are recommended. Eat for relief and comfort rises up your mood and metabolism.