4 simple ways to reduce stress

4 simple ways to reduce stress: Stress is a very simple word but its reaction is very large. In the fast changing environment, the effect on our body and mind is called stress. Stress is also called tension. Stress reduces your body potential. Stress in life can never give you a happy life. Due to stress, the natural energy in our body starts to decrease. If you are under stress you can never do your work properly because you can’t concentrate on your work. There is some common reason of stress like money problem, workload, family tension, education, health problem etc. Stress destroys your life it effects on your health, immune system, thinking power, a way of taking, nature, body potential etc. We start losing our hope and always get a negative thought in our mind. Stress reduces our daily basis activities like playing the game, gossiping with friends, eating delicious dishes, start losing ingest in movies etc.

* In stress blood pressures increases and rate of heart/heart beat increases.
* It also causes a headache.
* In stress people get emotional very easily and get worried on all small and big things.
* The healing power body also decreases in stress due to which the wounds are not easily recovered.
* Eyes get red, hair fall also starts etc.
* In women, when menstrual cycle is not at proper time then it shows that they are in stress because the hormones regulation through our pituitary gland shows some changes due to which the time of ovulation changes leading to late mensuration
* When stress increase then some special hormones are secreted in our body due to which some negative thoughts are generated in our mind and our remembering capacity decreases.
* Some times our weight also increases because we do not take proper care of our balanced diet.
* Lack of sleep.
* People also get angry very fast and some people always stay scared.
*Due to stress there is lack of sleep in people but if they sleep they get up too late in morning due to which their whole routine gets messed up.

Stress management:
1. Exercise: It is the best way to reduce stress. Yoga or exercise keeps our mind and body fresh. It makes it feel light weighted. Exercise in the fresh air makes us healthy and also removes negative energy/thoughts from our mind. While doing exercise we use all of our energy.
You should daily do exercise for 1 hour it will help you reduce stress.

2.Meditation/Deep breath: Think of all the grateful things in our life daily it can be the love of your dog, food in your fridge, memorable moments with your loved ones etc. Meditate for 20-30 minutes feel peace and calmness and take deep breaths so that your blood circulation increases and helps you feel relaxed. While you do meditation listen to some peace music like river stone, bird voice, and some good songs etc.
Inhale slowly through your nose then slowly push out your breath as you exhale through your mouth. Take 5-10 breaths like this and you’ll instantly feel more relaxed.

3.Reading: Reading is also one way of meditation to remove stress. Reading books of your favorite writer, funny stories, inspirational stories, newspaper, magazines etc. can help you to distract your mind from stress. Avoid reading books which are based on sad stories, sorrowful news etc. Amazing facts, current events are used instead. Writing down our feelings on a paper or discuss the problem with friends or any trusted person can also help to decrease stress.

4.Happiness: Showing your 32 (teeth) and smiling with your full heart and soul is very helpful. Smile and think of the time when you were very happy. Think of a funny moment or a family member you love. Share your smile with those you meet. To stay happy we should watch comedy movies and focus on the things that make you happy. Listen to some soft song which provides you happiness.