4 Best ways to stop hair loss and white hair naturally

4 Best ways to stop hair loss and white hair naturally: Hair fall and turning off the white hair have become a very common problem for this time or generation. Both of which are one of our health-related problems. If both of these problems are resolved quickly, then in future this problem will be increasing day by day.

If loss of hair is not stopped at the right time, it can cause baldness. These both problems may occur for many reasons like using of chemical products, uncontrolled died, pollution and lack of minerals. Now we will tell you some home remedies which help in your hair treatment naturally.

1.Onion: Onion is very useful for your hairs, you can save your hair from hair fall and whitening of hairs. Onion contains many such properties like Sulphur which protects your hair from hair fall. This is also a type of antibacterial which protects from infection and restores the nutrition of your scalp.

Method: It is very easy to make. First, you have to cut the onion in the pieces then add some drops of water and mix it with the grinder and make a paste. Now firstly wash your hair and dry it with a soft towel then put this paste in scalps and whole hair. After 15 mins, you can wash it with such a natural water.by doing this processor 2-3 times in a week, the problem of hair fall will be stopped.

2.Cow Milk: Cow milk is very healthy and useful for your hairs and also for your health. It contains Vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and riboflavin. cow milk is fulfilled with all the minerals.Method: It is very easy to use and easily available. You can take a cow milk and first you have to boil it on low flame for 5-7 mins and cooled it to the room temperature. Now you have to apply this on your whole scalp of your hair and do massage. leave it for 1 hour, after 1-hour wash it with normal water and dry it with a soft and clean towel.

By doing this process your hair fall will be cured but the problem of white hair will be cure quickly.

3.Egg: Egg is very effective for your hair because it contains Sulphur, protein, and vitamin E. Vitamin E protects your hair from UV rays and pollution. It also works in the growth of your hair. The egg is used in different ways. You should use egg directly on your hair and also you can use in the form of pack.Using White part of egg:

First, you should white part of the egg, which is called albumen, which contains magnesium, potassium, and sodium.


1.Take white part of 2 eggs

2.Olive oil (2 table spoon)


First, you take white part of the egg and add olive oil in it, then mix it well. Leave it for 20 mins. After 20 mins wash your hair with shampoo with cold water and dry it with a towel. Use this procedure continuously 2-3 weeks and then your hair fall will be stopped. And after some days your growth of hair will start.

Using yellow part of egg: yellow part is also called yolk. It contains vitamins and protein.


1.Take yellow part of 1 egg

2.Olive oil (3 table spoon)

3.Honey (1 table spoon)


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and applied in your hair. And massage gently and leave it for 20 mins. After 20 mins wash your hair with shampoo and warm after then dry it with a soft towel.

4.Amla and Heena: Amla contains vitamin C. The reason of hair fall is a deficiency of vitamin C. Amla contains vitamin C in more quantity. Amla helps in the transformation from white hair to black hair and reduces the problem of hair fall.


1. Heena powder (5 table spoon)

2. Amla powder (3 table spoon)

3.Coffee powder (1 table spoon)


First, you have to take the henna powder and add amla and coffee powder in it and mix it well. Then add some drops of water for making a paste. Now paste is ready, leave this paste for 30 mins after 30 mins apply this paste on hair and cover it with a shower cap for 2 hrs. after that wash your hair with normal water. Use this procedure 1 times with in a 15 day. It’s turned from your white hair into black hair.

5. Curd: Curd is the best home product for cure the hair loss. You can use plan sour curd for hair loss. Sour curd reduces the problem of dandruff and hair loss.


1. Sour curd (4-5 tsp.)
2. Organic honey (3 tsp.)
3. Lemon juice (2 tsp.)Method:
You can use curd with lemon or honey both are effective in hair loss problem. First, you take a bowl and mix 4 tsp of sour curd with 2 Tsp of fresh lemon juice or 3 Tsp of honey. Now apply it on the scalp of hair properly and massage gently. After that leave this for 30-35 min, then wash your hairs with normal water. Repeat this process for 2 times in a week for 15-20 days. This remedy is very effective and your hairs become more strong, more shining and dandruff free.